The Federation of Women Lawyers – Kenya (FIDA Kenya) was established in 1985 after the 3rd UN Conference on Women which was held in Nairobi. Until 1993, FIDA Kenya was affiliated to Federation International De Abogadas (The International Federation of Women Lawyers – FIDA) which was formed in 1944 in Mexico by a group of women lawyers with the aim of promoting women’s rights globally.FIDA Kenya is a non- profit, non-partisan membership organization committed to the creation of a society that is free from all forms of discrimination against women. FIDA Kenya does this through provision of legal aid to indigent women, engagement on legal, policy and legislative reform, treaty monitoring and research, women’s rights monitoring and advocacy, education and referral among other programmatic interventions. As the oldest women’s rights organization in Eastern Africa, FIDA Kenya has curved a niche for itself as a fearless defender of women’s human rights at the national, regional and international platform.

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