Protocol watch


Tunisia signed the Maputo Protocol in January, 2015 and ratified it on August, 2018.

  • Governmental Decree No. 626 of 2016 on the creation of a National Peer Council for Equality and Equal Opportunities between Women and Men.
  • 2017-2020: The National Strategy for the Economic and Social Empowerment of Women and Girls in Rural Areas.
  • In 2016, quotas for women on electoral lists for national and local elections.
  • Health law No. 18/11 of2018: entire part on Maternal and child health. Also includes health care for women and girls, health services that falls within the areas of reproductive health and family planning.
  • Creation of a network on gender and combating violence against women, composed of members of government structures from ministries and public institutions engaged in prevention and protection, as well as from a number of associations active in the field, has been established to be a supportive force and support for the implementation of various strategic themes.
  • After the revolution in 2011, many women were in the Supreme body to achieve the revolution’s goals, political reforms and democratic transition. They were representing many political parties and associations and NGOs, and they played a very important role in advancing women’s rights.