Protocol watch


Seychelles signed the Maputo Protocol in January 2006 and ratified it on March 2006.

  • 2020: Civil Code Amendment Act An amendment to the civil code signed into law in November by the president provides equal rights to children. The revision applies to the sharing of inheritance as well as the responsibilities of parents to their children regardless of whether they are married. The revised civil code also addresses the sharing of property in married or unmarried intimate-partner relationships.
  • 2019: Employment (Conditions Of EmploymentOfDomestic Workers) Regulations: specifies mandatory working conditions,annual leave, and maternity/paternity leave for domestic workers.
  • 2020: Domestic Violence Act (Act 21 of2020) (assented but not in force at year’s end) An Act to prohibit acts of violence in the domestic context, to provide protection of aggrieved persons, to provide penalties therefore and to make provision for services for aggrieved persons and perpetrators of domestic violence and for matters connected.
  • 2019: The Social Affairs Division of the Ministry of Family Affairs as well as NGOs provided counseling services to victims of rape and domestic violence. The ministry’s Gender Secretariat conducted anti-GBV outreach campaigns.
  • The Gender-Based Violence National Baseline Study 2016 was done conjointly with South Africa’s Genderlinks and the National Bureau of Statistics.