Protocol watch


Mauritania did not sign the Maputo Protocol but did ratify it on September 2005.

  • 2020 draft law on combating violence against women and girls by the government
  • Strategy on the Promotion of Women: economic empowerment one of the main priorities
  • National Strategy on developing the private sector 2015-2019: included aspects on reducing disparities between women and men in the private sector
  • National Gender Institutionalization Strategy: to achieve equity with a view to enabling women to enjoy all of their rights
  • 2010-2012 action plan to substantially reducing the proportion of populations who do not have easy access to a health structure and who generally live in areas rural poor, remote or landlocked
  • Obstetrical package (OF): a voluntary insurance scheme covering maternal health costs in public health facilities of all level (posts, centers, hospitals). The FO was setup to improve access for all pregnant women to quality care while ensuring a fair and transparent cost recovery for pregnancy and childbirth.