Protocol watch


Ethiopia signed the Maputo Protocol in June, 2004 and ratified it in July, 2018. 

  • A thirteen-year Industrial Strategic Plan (2013-2025) which seeks to increase employment opportunities for Ethiopians has been adopted by the Government. The strategy prioritizes labor intensive, women-dominated sectors such as textile and garment, meat, leather and leather products, and agro-processing; potentially providing increased employment opportunities for women. The implementation of this strategy during the reporting period has indeed proved to be a positive development in terms of job creation for Ethiopian women as it is ushering more women into paid full-time jobs in the said sectors. It is important to note that the strategic framework aims to bring more women not only to low skilled job but also tomedium and high skilled ones. Accordingly, 60% of low and medium skilled jobs and 30% of skilled jobs are targeted to be held by women by 2020.  
  • Constitution of Ethiopia (1995), Article 35-The historical legacy of inequality and discrimination suffered by women in Ethiopia taken into account, women, in order to remedy this legacy, are entitled to affirmative measures. The purpose of such measures shall be to provide special attention to women so as to enable them compete and participate on the basis of equality with men in political, social and economic life as well as in public and private institutions.