Protocol watch

Cape Verde

Cape Verde has not signed the Maputo Protocol, but ratified it on June, 2005.

  • 2010 amendments
    Art 70: “The State shall ensure specifically the creation of conditions for universal access of citizens to social security”
    Art 71: “In order to guarantee the right to health, the State shall be specifically responsible for creating the conditions for the universal access of citizens to health care” 
  • 2015: Plano Nacional de Igualdade de Género 2015-18 (8 strategic areas: health, sexual &reproductive rights, GBV, education, economic autonomy, household labour, political participation, gender integration in public policy)
  • 2017: As for pregnant student’s access and stay in the education system, in quality conditions, in July 2017 Decree-law nº47/2017, 26 October was approved, establishing the measures for social and educational support to school girls/students during pregnancy, after child birth and while breastfeeding and applies to different levels of education.