country: Malawi


The NGO Gender Coordination Network (NGO GCN) is a network that exists to promote gender equality and equity in Malawi through co-ordination, lobbying, advocacy, information sharing and capacity building of its members. Its thematic areas are: Women in Politics & Decision Making, Gender Related Laws, GBV, Child Rights and Agriculture & Economic Empowerment for Women.

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2015 National GenderPolicy[i] 2016 Launch of the Gender Equality Act Implementation and Monitoring Plan 2016-2020[ii] Gender EqualityAct Implementation 2016-2020[iii] 2017 National Plan of Action on Women Economic Empowerment (2017-2022)[iv]  2018 Political Party’s Rules and Regulations: eliminates handouts during campaigns, an impediment for women’s political participation[v]  [i] Republic of Malawi (2015), “National Gender Policy”. [ii] Malawi UNFPA (2016), “2016-2020 Gender Equality Act Implementation Plan launched”. [iii] Ministry of Gender, Children, Disabilities and Social Welfare (2019), “Republic of Malawi National Review on the Beijing + 25: Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platformfor Action (1995)”, p.25. [iv] Ministry of Gender, Children,

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