Forum Mulher

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Forum Mulher (Women's Forum) is a Women's Network Forum that works for the rights of Mozambican women. Forum Mulher deals with gender and development issues, advocacy and lobby, as well as education and information work. Forum Mulher has its main office in Maputo.
Forum Mulher is an important organization within civil society in Mozambique as regards women and gender issues. Through intensive advocacy and lobby work Forum Mulher has achieved major influence on the country's new family law, securing the legal position and recognition of women.
Some of its specific areas of work are: to strengthen the network of trainers and consultants at the provincial level; to develop policies that include the principles of gender equality and equity; to improve knowledge of the rights of women and of the laws defending these rights by disseminating international protocols and national laws; to improve access to justice, especially for victims of gender-based violence, by improving access to legal services, counselling and by advocacy on legal instruments; to improve information on the work of the Forum Mulher and on women's related issues through the website, internet, newsletter, radio and television.
Forum Mulher (Women's Forum) also focuses on strengthening the institutional capacity of its members, the capacity of provincial women's and gender networks and organisations in four provinces, to support them in working in a co-ordinated manner and advocate for equality of women's rights.

Contact Person: 
Graca Julio