Spreading our wings: a multi-sectoral approach to Women’s rights
SOAWR Coalition Annual Review and Agenda Setting Workshop Report

The SOAWR Coalition annual review meeting in Nairobi, Kenya from 5th-7th October was attended by over 40 participants from 15 countries. This year’s theme was, “Spreading Our Wings: A Multi-Sectoral Approach to Women’s Rights’’. The main objectives of the meeting included a progress review of the 2008/2009 year, sharing of the best practices in the year, strategising on the African Women’s Decade from 2010-2020 and setting the framework for the next strategic plan.

The struggle for women’s rights in Africa Edited by Patrick Burnett, Shereen Karmali and Firoze Manji
Grace, Tenacity and Eloquence

The articles first appeared in the prize-winning weekly electronic newsletter, Pambazuka News. They provide students, activists and others with an easy-to-read introduction to the struggle for women’s rights in Africa.

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Breathing Life into the African Union Protocol on Women’s Rights in Africa

The groundbreaking Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on Women’s Rights came into force in 2005. The protocol commits the states that sign it to eliminating all forms of discrimination against women.

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Articles from Special Issue: Pambazuka News 379, June 2008
Women, water and sanitation
Articles from Special Issue: Pambazuka News 329, November 2007
Second anniversary of the Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa: Challenges ahead

What gains and what challenges do we have two years after the entry into force of the Protocol? This is the overall question that the various articles presented in this special issue of Pambazuka aim at addressing. What clearly emerges is that the challenges outweigh the gains made so far.

Articles from Special Issue: Pambazuka News 222, September 2005
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Ahead of a conference co-convened by the African Union (AU) and SOAWR and held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia between 27 and 30 September, this edition consists of editorials written by SOAWR members and updates about the progress of the campaign from across the African continent.

Not yet a force for freedom
The African Union Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa
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The pan-African campaign to mobilise support for the ratification of the protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples. Rights on the rights of women in Africa was initiated by the women.s rights organisations Equality Now and FEMNET, together with Credo for Freedom of Expression and Associated Rights, Oxfam GB and Fahamu, publishers of Pambazuka News.