Pan African WiLDAF is a pan-African women's rights network established in 1991 by African female activists in Zimbabwe at a conference on 'Women, Law and Development in Africa', an outcome of the international momentum on women's human rights. There are 26 focal offices/networks of WiLDAF across Africa. West Africa : WiLDAF is further delineated into sub-regional clusters. WiLDAF West Africa Sub-Regional Office (WASRO) oversees networks in 7 countries. WiLDAF Ghana was established as a network in 1991 by lawyers and other professionals who had attended the Zimbabwe conference. Our vision is an organization that embodies civil society's desire to promote, protect, and respect women's rights in Ghana. And our mission is to empower women by promoting their rights; and increasing their participation and influence at the community, national, and international levels through initiating, promoting, and strengthening strategies which link law and development