Established in 1999 WRAPA works through an integrated approach that entrenches respect for the human dignity of women and promotes their inclusion in decisions that affects women’s lives and the development of their communities. WRAPA informs and counsels women on their rights, engages government and society in dialogue and advocacy, facilitates access to justice for aggrieved women and offers humanitarian support for women and families in difficult circumstances and victims of gender violence.

The Cross River Chapter of WRAPA has been a partner since 2006. Currently we are working together on multiple projects including GROW-ING, C-PACT and LG-PACT. Nigeria is not currently on course to achieve the Millennium Development goals; in response to this the LG-PACT aims to assist in the eradication of poverty through the improvement of governance and service provision. So far around 1,500 men and women have benefitted from increased awareness of both governance and human rights.

Contact Person: 
Saudatu Mahdi