Organised by Oxfam Panafrica Programme
Gender Justice Pillar
March 9-10, 2011, Silver Springs Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss areas of engagement and future strategies for dealing with the African Union’s Peace and Security Council (AU PSC) on matters of women, peace and security in 2011 and to prepare for the Open Session with the AU PSC scheduled for 28th March.
The AU PSC is a critical organ of the AU and has a critical role to play in ensuring women’s protection in situations of conflict and their full participation in peace processes and postconflict reconstruction. In that regard, the meeting drew an extensive and experienced group of women and men participants from across the continent working in the field of peace and security.

Planning Meeting on 2011 Priorities on Women Peace and Security and the 2nd African Union's Peace and Security Council Open Session on Women Children and Conflict in Africa

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