A study was conducted by SOAWR (Solidarity for African Women's Rights Coalition) across the 22 African member states who have not ratified the AU Protocol on the Rights of Women, with strong emphasis on 10 focus countries with the aim of analyzing and mapping out country by country; a) the reasons and bottlenecks behind non-ratification, b) opportunities for change, both of which will enable the SOAWR Coalition members and other relevant stakeholders to develop an influencing strategy to better target and drive their advocacy and lobbying efforts to increase the number of ratifications of the Protocol amongst African states ahead of the 10 year Anniversary.

These are working documents, therefore please feel free to email any information you have regarding obstacles and opportunities for ratification of this Protocol to [email protected] for inclusion in the report. We very much value your inputs. Many thanks to all who took the time to contribute to the findings.

Reports and PublicationsDownloads: PDF icon AU_Protocol_Mapping_Narrative_10_Sept_2012.pdf, PDF icon Mapping_du_Protocole.pdf, File AU_Protocol_Mapping _10Sep2012.xlsx, File Mapping_du_Protocole.xlsx